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Are you thinking of writing a book?

Do you have a great idea for a book but don't know where to start?

Have you finished your manuscript and want to know what to do next?

Are you intimidated by the whole publishing process?

Award-winning Goblin Fern Press is the place to be for personalized publishing!

Our mission is to help you create and publish quality books within your time frame and your budget. Whether you're a new author, a published author looking for other options, or you wish to leave your literary legacy to a small group of friends and family, let us be your publishing partner.

Start with a FREE 30-minute consultation about your book by phone or in person. To schedule your consultation, we ask that you please submit a preliminary book proposal. These materials will provide us with with a better idea of how we might help.

Of course, any submissions are treated with utmost confidentiality.

In case you're wondering about our name: Goblin Fern Press was named after the Goblin Fern (Botrichium mormo), a tiny fern species indigenous to northern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It was one of the endangered species that stood in the way of a potentially destructive mining project (now dead) at the headwaters of a pristine river. To our founder, Kira Henschel, it symbolizes how small things can make big differences. If your English isn't still good enough for writing papers, you can request write my essay online help from experts and devote more time to your lessons. We believe that every author we work with has the potential for making big differences as well!

Goblin Fern Press is now a division of HenschelHAUS Publishing.
Please go to www.henschelHAUSbooks.com to order and for more information.

Have Bookstore,
Will Travel!

Goblin Fern Press & Bookstore would be happy to provide bookstore services for your meeting, conference, seminar, or author event. Organizers receive 10% of sales. No fee except travel expenses if outside Wisconsin.

Speakers / Breakout Sessions / Workshops

We would also be delighted to offer publishing workshops or breakout sessions at your event. Please contact us at [email protected] or call 608-576-9747 to discuss your event!


Founded by Kira Henschel in 2002, Goblin Fern Press is committed to taking the fear out of publishing and making the process fun, manageable and affordable. As well as essay writing help online from reputable writing services make students' lives easier and more organized. This press is the culmination of the owner's past lives as the founder of an international translation agency, production manager for a specialty publisher, writer, and personal coach.

The Goblin Fern Press team consists of experienced editors, remarkable researchers and perfectionistic proofreaders. We also work with a wide range of illustrators, book designers and printers, both conventional and print-on-demand. Workshops will soon be offered as teleclasses as well.

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Goblin Fern Press is an imprint of HenschelHaus Publishing, Inc.