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The mission of Goblin Fern Press, Inc.
is to become an international resource for authors seeking affordable, high-quality publishing services; to educate our authors about the publishing process and the authoring business; to help promote and efficiently distribute and sell authors' books; to deal fairly and honestly with all of our business partners; to be an exemplary business for our employees and our community; to fulfill people's dreams of becoming published authors with honesty, integrity, expertise and compassion.

Goblin Fern Press, Inc. has ready access to freelance editors, illustrators, indexers, typesetters, translators, and other highly skilled people who contribute to the production and distribution of high-quality books. At our new, larger location, known as "The Write Place," we hold workshops, provide space for writers' circles and other gatherings, and sell our authors' books in our storefront.

We recently purchased Radiant Heart Press as one of our imprints, under which more spiritual books are published.

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Kira Henschel

Kira Henschel

Hello. I'd like to thank you personally for visiting the Goblin Fern Press website and to show you a bit more about myself. Whether you are looking for guidance as you begin your book, or are a seasoned writer looking for ideas on how to market your book or articles, my diverse background provides a solid foundation for helping you find focus and fulfillment.

I call myself the "Book Coach" because like a sports coach, I can take you from novice to pro in the book-writing process. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the many tasks involved in writing and publishing a book. Coaching helps break things down into manageable chunks, and also sets up a process of accountability. Together, we'll achieve your dream of becoming a published author.

Since 1984, I have helped hundreds of people gain clarity about their writing. As a technical translator from German into English, an international English instructor, and production manager for a publishing house, my path has been one of multicultural communication and writing. Much of my work has centered around a technique called mind-mapping, which I have used to enhance my own creativity, write books and articles, and build my businesses. Today, I teach workshops for writers and authors, and work with individuals based on this technique and the experience gained over the years. You may view my biography as an outline or as a mind-map.

Goblin Fern Press is an imprint of HenschelHaus Publishing, Inc.

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