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The Publishing Process at Goblin Fern Press
  1. Free 30-minute consultation about your book idea ­ by phone or in person - Requires submission of a preliminary book proposal).
  2. Free 3-chapter read to determine editorial needs, potential markets
  3. Manuscript review (1st edit, written commentary, in-person consultation)
  4. Your decision regarding publishing or self-publishing
  5. Publishing or production proposal (timeline and budget)
  6. Book production (includes book design, typesetting, proofreading, printing)
  7. Acquisition of International Standard Book Number (ISBN), Library of Congress Cataloging Number (LCCN), Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP) data block under Goblin Fern Press, one of our imprints (Radiant Heart Press or Lisqué Books ), or your own publishing company; submission to Books in Print.
  8. Author / publisher training in submission to fulfillment houses, Amazon.com, wholesalers, distributors, and bookstores.

Goblin Fern Press is an imprint of HenschelHaus Publishing, Inc.

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